surfboard shaping room

Bird’s Shaping Room

Come check out our shaping room, here at the Shed. We’ve got a state of the art shaping room on tap for you, afternoons and weekends. If you’re itching to create and shape, welcome. We charge $50 to use our facility; we just ask that you make an appointment. It’s furnished with basic necessities for shaping, but if you have your own tools, we prefer you to bring ‘em. And if you buy a blank, the cost drops to $25.

If you are an aspiring shaper or just want to watch a pro, we’ve got Robin Prodanovich working in here Monday-Friday mornings between nine and ‘noon. Come and meet a local legend; he’ll be happy to chat with you about surfing, shaping, or whatever else is on your mind. We’ll be sitting down with him soon and sharing with you all.