Bird Seed for Bird’s Surf Shed

Bird opened up his Shed after parting ways with his previous partners at another surf shop in 2011.  His hope was to return surf shops to what they were when he was growing up & working in them.  He wanted to focus on what a surfer NEEDS- Boards, wetsuits, and board accessories.  You won’t find fancy watches or trendy clothing here.  What you will find is an extensive selection of surfboards, new and used, a place to hang out & watch the streaming contests, and it’s more than likely you’ll bump into a surf legend on any given day.  You never know who’ll be dropping in on the shed.

Since 2011, Bird has gotten by with the help of great friends and a couple of loyal and patient employees.  Bird is there 7 days a week, often 10-12 hours a day.  And that’s not counting the days he hosts movie premiers or parties after closing.

By donating to this page, you’re showing your support for Bird, and all he has done for the surfing community- near and far.  A little extra dough can help keep the doors open & lights  on, keep merchandise in stock, help us set up & maintain an online store so Shed-stoke can be shared world-wide, and maybe even allow for Bird to hire additional part time employees so he can take a much deserved day off.

No donation is too small, if each of our over 5,000 fans on Facebook donated $5, it would be a huge help!

You can visit our website & facebook to see a little more about what Bird’s is all about….

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and a note from annika….

Hello Shed Friends! I wanted to set this up in an effort to give the Shed a much needed ‘financial buffer’. We truly appreciate & value (more than you could ever imagine) our loyal Shed customers and are reaching out to you in an effort to help us spread the word about the Shed. We love when you join us for movies & parties- but keep in mind we seldom (if ever) profit off of the ticket sales. But we love doing it!…bringing people together to share in his passion was one of Bird’s major reasons for starting the Shed.

The thing is- all this stuff takes money! As you’ve probably noticed, it’s often Bird, Isaac or Bryan & some family members taking care of business at the Shed. It would be great to have a little seed money to allow those guys a day off here & there, build a stronger web presence (especially an online store so we can spread the Shed-stoke all over) , along with maintaining inventory levels & launching new styles so you’re never without the best Shed gear.

I know times are tough…believe me, I know. But Bird has always been there to help his community…always lending out gear, no questions asked (despite my constant pleas to at LEAST take a deposit). He’s at the Shed, day in & day out happy to talk story with anyone and everyone that walks through the door. We’re lucky to have him in the community, and every little bit helps keep him there.

If you’re not able to donate, or aren’t comfortable with crowdfunding- hey, no worries. Stop buy the Shed & stock up on your Christmas gifts, say ‘hi’ to Bird, and thank him for what he’s doing for the San Diego Surf Community (you will make his day, I promise). And if you’re so inclined, pass this message on.

Hope everyone has a very happy Holiday Season!