Having been down this late Summer, warm water trip before, here’s a bit of advice that you may or may not choose to heed.

As of today the water temp has taken a pretty solid hit and has dropped down to the upper 50’s to the very low 60’s. If you are planning on buying a new fullsuit for this season then you had better make your move now! In years past when the water temp remains this warm till this late in the year, just about all surf shops hold off on ordering large amounts of Winter suits not wanting to be carrying that much inventory going into the end of the year. This causes a chain reaction with in the wetsuit manufacturing companies who cut back sharply on their usual production numbers in anticipation of weak sales. When the water finally drops and a run on full suits, booties, hoods and gloves starts finding fill in stock can become very difficult. Supply will be lower and the demand will be high as everyone scrambles trying to beat the cold Winter waters. Discounts on suits will be rare and Bro/Team deals may become a reality Check.

What’s this all mean?
By quickly and be prepared to pay full retail. One other thing that should be remembered is the late season discounts usually available on wetsuits. Fewer overall suits built will me less over stock put on the sale floor.



Cold Water Classic

Taj Burrow just edged out  Matt Wilkinson to win this years O’Neill 2012 Cold Water Classic at Steamers Lane in Sant Cruz California. In contestable surf running in the Chest to Shoulder high range a classic show down was had between Taj a regular footer and Wilko who surfs goofy. Though the waves were a bit soft and sectioning both the boys took turns bashing lips and carving turns in an evenly matched way but in the end Taj walked away the winner.

With Slater receiving and equal 9th and Parko bowing out in a very disappointing quarter finals heat the 2012 Worlds Title will be decided at Pipeline in the last event of the year in Hawaii. Both Joel and Kelly have had great surfs and solid wins at the Pipe but if I had to place bets on the outcome my money would be on Slayter. Still anything can and usually does happen in large Hawaiian Surf so expect the last event of this years tour to offer up plenty of excitement and nail biteing to common into play through out the event.



BIRD’S view on the movie Chasing Mavericks

The age old question of whether or not to see a Hollywood produced movie based on anything surf related has been asked ever since Gidget hit the Screen in the early 60’s. The answer in almost all cases is no. When my 13 year old daughter Malia asked to go see it I instantly started to look foe excuses not to. The fact that she has been surfing quite a bit lately and showing some solid grades at school tipped the scales in her favor so of we went to catch the 7 PM showing.

I was prepared to spend the next 90 minutes either laughing at the lame representation of surfers or just sleeping through the whole thing. To my utter surprise this was not the case. From the opening scene on through the entire movie there was enough of a story line sprinkled with decent surf content to keep me not only awake but also interested. Sure there were the obvious scene cuts from a small swell to macking surf, paddling out on a gun then washing up on to the beach on a longboard  but they were fewer and father between than all the other similar movies that have been made before this one. You need to remember that though the surfing angle is central in the film the main story line is all about the life struggles of the main characters in the film.

The actual wave footage and the surfing was very well shot with some epic shots of huge surf up real close and tight. This was and probably will be the closest I ever get to waves of this size. The experience was pretty humbling and that alone was worth the cost of the admission.

Bottom line is that it is worth seeing as a movie with the surfing footage being an extra bonus.



Bird’s Surf Shed Logo and Identity

Big thanks goes out to MiresBall for designing our amazing logo. THANK YOU!

Dylan Jones, a Senior Designer at MiresBall, wrote two posts about creating Bird’s Surf Sheds’ logo and identity on his personal blog, Beard is the New Black. Here is Dylans’ posts combined.

Here’s some more fun stuff I’ve been working on at MiresBall lately. These are some business cards that we designed for Bird’s Surf Shed. To keep the costs down, we made stamps to use on recycled stock (the business cards are corrugated cardboard). Each piece of the system has a stamp with the relevant info, and the overall look is raw and unfinished. We wanted to make sure the branding for Bird’s shop felt authentic and not overly commercialized like some of the other chain surf shops.

I’ve been working on this logo at MiresBall on and off for a few weeks now and we’re finally making some progress. It’s been really fun exploring ways to design an authentic surf-inspired logo that stays true to the culture, but doesn’t become cliché or over-designed. We’re getting closer. For more photos, follow the link below.