The auction will feature gems from Bird’s private reserve “Shed Collection” —Frye’s, Caster’s, Lis’, Holly’s, and more. It’s a once in a lifetime, or a least once a year, opportunity to pick up a new addition for your quiver.

Starts: 11/24/2012 6:00PM

1091 West Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA

During the Day 11a-5p (Small Business Saturday FREE):
The doors will be thrown open for holiday shopping and family fun from 11am – 5pm. You won’t be promised a good deal on a new television BUT what they can offer are one of a kind Bird’s Surf Shed surfing goods, the chance to see surfing celebs shaping boards, get your holiday photo taken with a holiday photo booth and watch your groms win prizes!

  • Live Board Shaping with Hank Warner, John Holly, and more
  • Kids Contests
  • Door Prizes and Giveaways
  • Free Photo booth
  • Surprise Guests

During the Night 6p-9ish (Purchase Ticket for Entry)
The auction will feature gems from Bird’s private reserve “Shed Collection” —Frye’s, Caster’s, Lis’, Holly’s, and more. It’s a once in a lifetime, or a least once a year, opportunity to pick up a new addition for your quiver.

What you get with entry:

  1. Food
  2. Beer
  3. Two Raffle Tickets


  • Live and Silent Auctions with more than 30 classic surfboards from Bird’s private collection
  • Raffle Prizes All Night (boards, wettys, swag, gift cards, and lots more)
  • Special Guests
  • Music

Auction Items

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9’6″ late 50’s Malibu Chip Balsa Wood surfboard shaped by Ryan Lovelace. Solid virgin balsa with a classic clear glass on D type fin. Used but in fine condition.

10′ BAHNE classic 1963-64 era. A complete Joe Roper restoration using a eye catching combination of red and black HOT COAT resin work that really make this board stand out. It has 3 stringers and is still wearing its original fin. The cost of the restoration work alone was close to $600.00 and that was a number of years ago.

6′ Donald Takayama Slipper Model single fin with a box and original Takayama fin. Opaque color on an original hand shaped board from the 90’s. Used and in very good original condition.

7’6″ Big John Holly SEAGULL surfboard hand shaped at The SHED on the same day that the Safaris founder Bob Barryhill and his son Devon played an acoustic set on a Sunday afternoon(video available). This board has a legendary color spray by T.C. Tom Curtis and was glassed at one of San Diego’s premier glass shops Custom Surf and Sail. This all around fun board shape has a sanded gloss finish with FCS tri fin set up and comes complete with fins.

7’6″ Original CASTER square tail single fin with a box. This board is unique in the fact that Bill shaped very few tails that were Square and how many are still left to find. The deck and rails of this board have been professorially repaired, glossed and polished. The bottom has been completely patched but left in its original finish. This board is water tight and solid.

6’6″ Bob Mitsven custom round pin tri fin that is one of my own personal boards. I wanted a more retro feeling step up board so Bob pushed the wide point forward a bit turn the rails down and beaked the nose. Mike Miller did the glassing and color tinting of the bottom and rails of the board. Larry Crow went all out and did a masterful job on the hot coat color job and pin lines. The board has custom made Kelly Slayter template wood fins made by Rick from Mitsven Surfboards. The board has a sanded gloss finish. Used a bit but still in fine fighting shape.

6’8″ Skip Frye Swallow tail tri fin with FCS system. Custom built for Tom Sullivan about 5 years ago. This Special board has extra rocker and rails that are more turned down. Blue Resin Tint, glossed and polished out of Custom Surf and Sail so you know how nice it is. Used with some deck pressure dents but very clean overall.

8’2″ Classic Skip Frye Egg from the 80’s and Glassed by the Legendary MOONLIGHT GLASSING shop. Glass on Blue tri fins to compliment the pinlines. Usual wear and tear but freshly sealed and detailed by Joe Roper.

7’2″ Skip Frye Pintail from the mid 70’s. Garage Soul glass job with ACID color job by Bradley Bueben. Single fin box. Pretty beat up but Joe Roper sealed and rideable.

6’6″ Skip Frye K Model. My personal board shaped in the late 90’s. A bit more overall rocker with down rails. Tri glass on fins and glassed by Joe Roper. One solid ding repaired by Roper and all ready to ride.

9′ Skip Frye Egg early 90’s. 2 glass on side fins and a middle box. 3 stringers with a clean red pinline and glassed at Pacific Surf Glass. Great overall condition with a Joe Roper detail job.

8’8″ Bill Thrailkill Classin late 50’s template gun. Single fin box complete with a killer wood and glass fin. Chambered Cedar Stringer with 2 brown offset pinlines. Volan glass and epoxy resin. Older build date but Cherry and never ridden.