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7’0″ Larry Mabile Gypsy Gloss and Polished

Larry grew up in Pacific Beach, California and spent his early years skateboarding and surfing. While in high school he ran a glassing shack behind his parents’ house called “Ghetto Glassing.” Larry became known for his quality glassing work and earned the privilege to glass the boards of legendary shaper Skip Frye. This led eventually to his first shaping job for G&S Surfboards in 1979 where he mentored and continued to work next to master shaper Skip Frye.

Today Larry shapes under his own label, Larry Mabile Surfboards as well as production for Sharp Eye Surfboards. We stock his boards a few times a year but can always take a custom order for you.

Featured Board:

7’0 Gypsy with a grey resin tint glossed and polished

7’0 x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8


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